4 Detox Tips You Need To Know About

We understand that being part of generation connected can often mean hours behind computer screens and indulging in takeaways. So if you feel as though you need a little help in starting your detox, below are 4 tips sure to make it easier for you!

Cut the sugar

Refined carbohydrates and sugar is an easy way to gain weight! Also, excess sugar can damage your teeth, upset your stomach and damage your detox. Everyone deserves a treat every once in a while, but during your detox try and keep these to a minimum.

Sugar can be important if you burn a lot of calories in your every day life. For example, athletes need to consume a lot of calories because they need all the energy they can get.

Drink tea

We are a huge believer in drinking tea as part of a detox routine.

Bootea offers a fantastic detox programme. Their Teatox is a real favourite of ours. Not only does it help remove toxins from your body via delicious tea, it also helps reduce bloating and is a great way to start your day!

Gentle exercise

Healthy body, healthy mind. Exercise is key to the physical and mental side of the detox. You can eliminate toxins through exercise, and it doesn’t have to be too strenuous. Walking on an incline or yoga are two ways in which you can become healthier and more flexible.

Nowadays it is easy to be stationary for most of the day. If you are sitting behind a computer screen all day it is vital that you take the time to get up and stretch your legs.

Look after your skin

This detox can do wonders for your insides but don’t forget about your skin!
During the detox try and limit the pour clogging products that are an unfortunate side effect of a lot of makeup. Lightweight products, such as our Eye Gel, is a fantastic way of remaining radiant and keeping that skin clear.

It can be used as a primer for makeup and will help your skin become more smooth and supple.

We hope this helps you in kick-starting your 2019 detox!


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