5 Tips For Getting Rid Of Your Spots

It always happens at the worst possible time! It’s like they know when you will be having your picture taken, or going on a big night out. Below are our 5 top tips to help prevent break outs!

Take your makeup off before you go to sleep. 

This may seem obvious but we can all be guilty of it. Sometimes you get into bed, realise your makeup is on and then you cannot be bothered taking it off. This has to stop! It doesn’t take long to cleanse and moisturise before getting into bed. You will thank yourself in the morning when your pores are breathing and skin is clear. For those of you in need of a new moisturiser, we may have something for you soon…

Now for one less obvious, how often do you clean your phone?

Talking on the phone is something we love. Too many conversations take place over text nowadays, nothing beats a good, long phone conversation. However, it is important to clean your screen regularly. By using antibacterial wipes whenever you notice your screen getting a bit dirty, you can help your skin. People who spend a lot of time speaking on the phone can develop spots on their cheeks and often fail to connect the dots.

Add Wake to your skincare shelfie

For skin that has been prone to acne or spots we can help. Our Eye Gel has another secret benefit. As it contains Vitamin E. This is an extremely effective anti-oxidant which helps to cleanse your skin. As Vitamin E protects your skin cells and cell membranes, it keeps your skin healthy and firm. Plus our customers have found our Eye Gel to be a fantastic primer.

Take care with your skincare routine

Everyone has different skin types and must adapt their cleansing routine to suit their own skin. Some skin is more prone to spots, normally oily skin. Thankfully, products now can help every skin type so if you have oily skin then you can use products that combat excess oil but maintain your skin’s hydration.


Again, more people do this than care to admit it. But picking or popping spots often just causes more breakouts. This is because you are spreading the germs rather than removing them with clinically effective products. STOP PICKING.


By combining the above tips you should be well on your way to reducing breakouts. Let us know if you have found the above helpful and if you have any questions please email us at support@wakeskincare.com



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  • Sounds good, as I have horrible skin , a must have to try and see the benefits

    Rhona White

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