City Workers

My first day in the city was daunting. Having lived my whole life in a small town, I was relying on the experiences of others to paint my picture of the city. They told me that the people were rude and that the city would chew me up and spit me out. However, like most things in life, what I thought was going to be the worst experience of my life turned into one of the best.


Being confident is an essential part of excelling in a new environment. People pretend to be confident all the time but the act cannot be maintained forever. Confidence is key but it has to be authentic and start from within. I made a conscious effort to believe in myself and recognise my achievements rather than being hard on myself all the time.


However, I also want to be confident on the outside as well as inside. I wanted to be proud of my skin despite the long hours staring at a screen and stuck in the office. As someone with little knowledge of skincare products, I was searching for a brand that would do the hard work for me! This is where I came across Wake Skincare. As a startup business, Wake Skincare provides high quality yet inexpensive products for the millennial generation. It is a company that is made for people like me!


At the end of the working week you might think it would be time for some rest and relaxation. This is is not the case. The social life offered in our capital is second to none. Whilst the activities are incredible and varied, it is often at the cost of a few hours sleep! Therefore I am very excited about the future release of Wake Skincare Face Oil, which has an overnight rejuvenating effect.


Late nights at the weekend and early starts throughout the week will inevitably take it’s toll on one’s skin. Therefore I need to make sure that I am eating properly and not drinking excessively! A lot of people do not get the right balance and they suffer burn out. I would prefer to enjoy myself for a longer time by socialising regularly but eating and drinking in moderation.


The range of products offered by Wake Skincare fit nicely into my busy lifestyle. I do not want to spend my time experimenting with different brands and cherry picking products for different needs. Wake Skincare provides all the products I need for my skincare routine.

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