It is one thing dealing with your own problems, but it it always harder dealing with other peoples’ problems. You can never know exactly what or how they are feeling.


“Friends show their love in times of trouble, not in happiness.”


Recently, one of my close friends went through a breakup. Anyone looking at him would have thought that he got over it pretty quickly. From the outside looking in, you would have thought he was happy to be single!


He was making the most of his new found freedom. Partying all the time and making plenty of new friends. If you were to have looked at his social media, you’d have seen a person having a great time not being shy about showing this.


However, as well all know, social media only shows the highlights. I knew that he was struggling coming to terms with his relationship ending. The constant partying was just a way of distracting himself from his unhappiness. I could see this and saw that it was time to intervene. At first he denied it but that didn’t last long.


He accepted that he needed to change and move on.


Change always starts from within, and it is vital to have your perceptions in order before setting yourself goals. Rather than thinking that the world is out to get you, it is important to take a look at yourself and how you can improve. This is not to say that the breakup is entirely one person’s fault. However, it is equally ignorant to put the blame entirely on the other person. Doing this will mean that you remain in the dark about the real reason why the relationship fell apart.


Once this is addressed, it is time to set yourself some goals and get some kind of structure in your life again. Personal growth is the best remedy for a broken heart.


This is all to do with making better life choices. This can be as simple joining a gym (and actually going regularly) or putting your wages to better use (rather than at the pub). Slow and steady wins the race. These small changes may seem insignificant but they do build up. Gradual but consistent actions will have a great long-term impact on your life.


Appearance may not be a priority here, but it should certainly be addressed. We hear about the post-breakup revenge body, but I personally think that positivity rather than vengeance should be the way forward. Get yourself a simple skincare routine, I recommend Wake Eye Gel and Face Cream first thing in the morning. This helps keep your skin healthy and hydrated and ready to take on the day.


I was able to be there for my friend on this occasion and really hope that you are the same with your friends! And if you are the person who is struggling, make sure that you are not too proud to reach out to your friends. Tell people how you’re feeling and figure out how to move on together.

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