Gym Bunnies

Gym Bunnies

As a personal trainer I am constantly striving to improve my clients’ physical and mental wellbeing. Before I can help others however, it is essential that I become best version of myself that I can possibly be.


Through many years of trying to get the right balance, I have concluded that preparation is key.


So every Sunday I prepare meals for myself (and sometimes my friends & family!). This means that I am accountable for what goes in my body and that I am not tempted to skip lunch or pick up a Big Mac. That being said, there is nothing wrong with treating yourself once in a while!


I want to take the same approach with my skincare routine. I use Wake Skincare Eye Gel first thing in the morning. By allowing the gel so soak into my clean skin, my skin feels hydrated and the signs of fatigue are significantly reduced.


I do not want my clients to think that I am tired and give them the false impression that I am not at 100%. Often dark circles can give the impression that you are not looking after yourself, when in reality they are just the consequence of a hectic work schedule.


Building a physique that you are proud of is really important for confidence. However, this does not mean you have to look like a bodybuilder or a photoshopped Instagram model! Healthy is beautiful. Whether your goal is to lose a few excess pounds or gain a bit of muscle, setting clear goals is the first step to achieving them.


Once you have set your goal, work out what you need to achieve these goals. Do you need  spark to jog in? A pool to swim in? Or some weights to lift? Search online to find gyms in your local area (and recommended personal trainers). Obvious disclaimer, but make sure you consult a doctor before embarking upon intense workout regimes if you have any conditions that could be problematic.


Finally, my job is centred around being healthy inside and out, and therefore it is essential that I look after my skin! Nothing complements a good physique like smooth and radiant skin!


A balanced diet, plenty of water and a simple skincare routine is the way in which I achieve this. Personal training is an intense job that relies on hard work and networking, and that is why I use Wake Skincare products. Wake Skincare is the skincare brand for the generation connected.

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