Here's what our customers have said

Here's what our customers have said

We have written previous blogs about the effectiveness of our unique formula collagen gel and the various benefits of our ingredients. However, we thought that this time it would make sense to take a look at what our customers have to say about it. After all, their feedback and results are key to our development as a brand.

All reviews can be found on our product pages and are all verified purchases.

Emily K. wrote:

An amazing, firming, balancing and gentle eye cream! I use this all over my under eye area and often on my forehead and cheeks to reduce redness and hydrate. All the ingredients are natural, organic and vegan which is not only amazing on your skin but good for the environment. All ingredients are simply named which doesn’t swamp you in confusing technical names and Latin making it super simple to know what you’re putting on your skin. If you need a good, natural, vegan cream that leaves you plump and glowing, this is the one for you.

Moniza S. wrote:

Its just been a few days since I have started using Eyewake. I have seen a noticeable change under my eyes. Its not greasy nor irritates the eye. As a result of the product, my skin was becoming much softer. I fully recommend this product to anyone with dark circles or puffy eyes.

And finally, Catherine W. wrote:

I can't believe how amazing this product is! I'm actually in love! My eyes have never looked so great, all my dark circles any puffiness has totally deminished and my undereyes are so hydrated! Will definitely be using it again!

As you can see, the feedback has been absolutely incredible so far. However, we are always looking to improve as demonstrated through our transition from plastic to glass bottles. The environmental benefits were obvious and consistent with the values of our brand.

We work so hard to provide value to our customers, our supported charity and the environment. You can find out about our story here.

We are so keen to build a community as eyewake and make sure you check out @eyewakeuk and all of our tagged photos to see the movement that has only just started.

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