How a skincare company came to represent the connected generation.

How a skincare company came to represent the connected generation.

Today people are connected like never before. Through social media we can watch the lives of people unfolding all over the world. This has led to opportunities, careers and relationships that would not have been possible before the connected generation.

At the same time, this global network means that we experience a completely new set of pressures. We are being fed photoshopped images, lavish lifestyles and we seem to constantly be switched on. Sometimes, it is important to give yourself a break. This lifestyle can make you feel as though you are not good enough. 

Wake Skincare was created with the goal of being an antidote to these problems. By being part of our brand you identify yourself as someone who doesn’t fall into the traps of the connected generation. You would rather promote positivity than negativity in your own personal network. You show authenticity rather than promoting a false lifestyle.

We want our products to help inspire confidence in their users. We don’t want you to use our products out of shame or guilt, but use our products because you love the way they make you feel!

We do not believe in negative advertising. Our global network means that negativity can go viral and we want to combat this. We never want our customers to feel bad about the way they look. Everyone is different and that is what makes the world so wonderful.

Far too often skincare companies promise short term fixes rather than long term solutions. They show themselves to be mere consumer items rather than lifestyle brands. Wake was formed on the basis that our products would be a long term companion to anyone wanting to help their skin, bucking the trend of these other brands.

It has become clear to us that this is what people want. This is shown by our success in 2018 and the excitement around our future products this year.

Wake Skincare supports the most vulnerable people in our society by donating to Women’s Aid. Women’s Aid is a charity that supports victims of domestic violence, they are a constant source of inspiration for us. We are not the selfie generation, we can be the selfless generation by always looking to give back.

Alongside this, last year we made the conscious effort of moving from plastic to glass bottles to reduce our carbon footprint. As part of the connected generation, we are aware of the impact our activity can have on our environment.

Our generation is connected like ever before and it is so important to make the most of it. Be honest with yourself and your connections. We believe in supporting each other, looking after our planet and spreading positivity. Wake Skincare is proud to be part of the connected generation.

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Kim Chaplin
Kim Chaplin

Have just read your story/blog and truly admire your ethics. Keep up the good work!

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