How lipstick was used by football stars to raise awareness for domestic violence

Raising awareness of domestic violence is the first step in preventing harm to some of the most vulnerable people in society.

We want to use this blog to discuss issues related to domestic violence and promote campaigns aiming to raise awareness around the world.

Last weekend those who watch Italian football would have noticed many of the global soccer stars with red stripes across their cheeks. Football is no stranger to bizarre fashion trends but this act contained a deeper meaning.

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Alongside the use of the hashtag #unrossoallaviolenza (a red card to violence) on social media, players were encouraged to daub red lipstick on their cheeks as a mark of unity with domestic violence victims.


In our social media society, what can come across a tiny act can have a huge influence given the profile of those who took part in this initiative. These football players, who are heroes to thousands of adults and children took a stand to promote a fantastic cause.


Sports are all too often the centre of negative attention related to domestic violence and that is one reason why this campaign was so effective. Millions of people who watched the matches being played over the weekend will have been confronted with the unavoidable issue of domestic violence. Awareness leads to education which leads to prevention.

As our partnership with Women’s Aid shows, eyewake is determined to help victims of domestic violence and promote any causes that help raise awareness. If you know of any campaigns ongoing in your area, send an email to and we will do our utmost to feature it on our blog.

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