How to use under eye gel for dark circles

How to use under eye gel for dark circles

A question we often get asked: what is the best way to apply your eye gel?

As you know, eyewake loves to combat dark circles and puffy eyes, and here we will show you our favourite way to apply your unique formula collagen gel.

Once you have removed your eyewake from it’s box try not to get too distracted by it’s beauty, we have work to do on those dark circles! Remove the cap and squeeze a small amount onto your index finger. We recommend squeezing out just a little bit to begin with (there is always chance to squeeze out more later should you need it).

Now the gel is on your finger, massage it between your fingertips and thumb so that there is a nice spread. Say goodbye to your tired eyes because they are about to leave you.

Make sure that your eyes are closed. We mean it. No peeking! This is such delicate area of the skin so be careful! Rinse your eyes with cold water if any gets in there.

Gently rub our unique formula collagen gel onto the skin under your eyes. Target the areas in which you are mostly affected by dark circles. Rub it in until there is only a small amount of residue left and then allow that to sink in.

eyewake will already be targeting signs of fatigue but in the meantime you can make yourself a coffee, grab a banana and get ready for work!

Once applied you will be ready to take on your day with confidence. As a brand we are all about giving you the confidence to take on your day. Having a bad nights sleep and then looking tired the next day can make you miserable and shy, we want you to shine!

Credit to @looks2bloved, and @chiarafranco9 for their fantastic Instagram pictures that have featured throughout this article. Be sure to check out their pages and give them a follow!

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