New Mums

New Mums

You look tired. Have you been sleeping properly? The little one keeping you up? I used get these questions almost every day. Nothing like these questions to boost my confidence!


Don’t get me wrong, I recognise signs of ageing are completely natural and should be embraced to a certain extent. Every body is beautiful and maturity should not be feared. I choose skincare products for myself, nobody else! I want my skin to feel radiant, not because I am ashamed about the way I look!


Wake Skincare speaks the same language. Unlike other skincare brands, Wake does not want to push negative feelings associated to ageing or appearance. They believe that skincare is something to be enjoyed and complement your appearance rather than transform it!


Anway, to the point of this article, bringing a child into this world is a wonderful thing. You cannot describe how much you love your baby. Everything changes.


However it is no secret that the process of child birth and raising a child does have a physical impact. Initially, this can be damaging to your self esteem. This is mainly due to you feeling as though you do not look the way you used to. It took me a while to understand that this is not a bad thing.


You cannot turn back the clocks, and why should you want to? I can guarantee that you have all looked back at photos of you as a teenager and made a comment like: ‘I can’t believe I wore that’ or ‘why did you let me wear so much makeup!?’.


Throughout every stage of your life you will have insecurities about your appearance. This is completely natural. The only way to combat this is to recognise that you can only every be yourself. You are a beautiful person at any age.


As a new mum, I make it clear to my friends that I am happy with the way I look and so should they. I encourage them not to look for transformative procedures for their appearance but rather natural solutions that help their natural features look radiant.


The solution to this problem is Wake Skincare. These products remind me that I am the same person after childbirth. After giving birth, on the rare occasion that you are able to socialise with friends you want to feel comfortable and confident in your own skin. The Eye Gel has been incredible for reducing the puffiness around my eyes that comes with little sleep.


The next time you are awoken by crying from the cot, just know that you have a little secret to make you look your best in the morning!

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