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For most people the weekend is the time to relax. A time to switch off and recover. However, as a club promoter the weekend is my busiest time! I work throughout the week as well, but by working in nightlife I can combine socialising and earning a living.






I love seeing people having a great time and letting off steam. If I am being completely honest, I can get quite envious seeing groups of friends having the time of their lives! As I am working I obviously don’t drink, so my skin doesn’t suffer in that regard. The issue is that I am up late and do not sleep in because I have work and errands to run in the mornings too!






Sleep is really important for healthy skin, and there is no substitute for it. However, as a result of the demands of my job it was vital for me to find a skincare brand that could help me look my best! I often see colleagues who fail to look after their skin, whilst it might not be noticeable at first it never fails to catch up with them.






However I do not blame them for failing to have a good skincare routine. The established skincare brands overcomplicate and overcharge. They have so many different products with so many different ingredients that I don’t know where to start! Wake Skincare is a startup brand that speaks to millennials. I do not have the time to overanalyse our skincare products. I need a simple but effective routine that will make me look my best even when my sleep is lacking.






Wake Face Cream is essential for nourishing my skin after a long weekend. I use that alongside Wake Eye Gel to hide the bags under my eyes. I love how Wake keeps it simple, it doesn’t scare me off!






I recognise that I won’t be working at nightclubs forever, but while I do it is vital that I look after myself. By being healthy and sleeping throughout the week, all I need is Wake Skincare to get me through the weekend!






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