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Reduce dark circles and puffy eyes caused by blue light exposure

Studies suggest that blue light exposure could be the leading cause of premature ageing and dark circles around the eyes. Since this is a relatively new stressor, the established skincare brands are struggling to come up with solutions. At Wake Skincare we have designed an effective Eye Gel, that is both suitable for all skin times and affordable!



Best Eye Cream for dark circles

‘How to get rid of dark circles’ is one of the most popular skincare search queries this year. Given the current situation this is completely understandable. When we originally created Wake Eye Gel we recognised that people were increasingly staring at screens and having irregular sleeping patterns. Blue light from screens and lack of sleep are all recognised as key causes of dark circles and fine lines. It is clear that one of the side-effects of modern life are under eye bags.

So we wanted to design an effective eye cream that would target dark circles, fine lines and feel refreshing. We began by hand picking the ingredients…


Most effective ingredients for reducing dark circles

All our ingredients were carefully selected in order to be both effective and suitable for all skin types. The foundation of our Eye Gel is collagen. Collagen is a remarkable ingredient and the benefits to the skin are numerous.

Collagen is naturally produced by your body, helping with blood flow to the skin and giving you a youthful and radiant appearance. We decided to include it in our Eye Gel because over time you production of natural collagen becomes less efficient. This means that your skin loses it’s elasticity, highlighting the appearance of fine lines and dark circles. Our collagen based eye cream plumps the skin around your eyes, filling in those fine lines and making dark circles less visible.

Cucumber extract (so refreshing) and aloe vera juice (so soothing) are also involved, but we will talk about them in a later blog! So we have some amazing ingredients, but it is important to mention some of the reviews and feedback we have received, so you know what to expect.


before and after, eye gel, eye cream, dark circles, puffy eyes


Wake Eye Gel is the Best Eye Cream for under £20

Not only have we racked up almost 3,000 reviews around the world, the vast majority are 5 stars! The most frequent phrases used throughout our reviews are 'a little goes a long way' and 'value for money'. We are committed to providing value to our customers, as well as the most effective products on the market.

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