It is often said that getting started is the hardest part. This is true about running. During the winter months there are about a million things I would rather be doing than putting on my jogging outfit and venturing out into the cold. However, when you are training for a marathon you have to get out there are run!

Training for a marathon is no easy task. However, when you are supporting a charity, there is an added incentive to give it your all. If unsure about what charity to support for your next event, be sure to check out the amazing work of Women’s Aid. They work tirelessly to help protect the most vulnerable people in society.

People get overwhelmed by all the different advice people give them when it comes to marathon training. The truth of the matter is that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach. Firstly, different bodies require different training and this is dependent on loads of things including level of fitness and your natural body type. Secondly, it depends on your personality! Some people are more motivated by short but intense training, and others through a more gradual pace. Of course, do make sure that you consult a doctor before embarking on this training!

Other than for charitable reasons, I think that people attempt marathons (or similar events) in order to push themselves. This is a good mindset to be in. People should always be looking to improve and testing their limits. I have found running to be just as good for me mentally as physically. I am not making this up either! There is a lot of research to suggest the psychological benefits of exercise as well as the more obvious physical benefits. I also feel less guilt indulging in my favourite vanilla donuts!

It is encouraging to see a brand sharing these values, and Wake Skincare certainly does that. I think this is to do with it being a startup business that knows the value of hard work and helping others. Wake Skincare is determined to make you perform at your best by giving you the most simple yet effective skincare routine. If I look good, I will feel good and then I will perform to the best of my abilities.



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