The benefits of Vitamin E for the skin

The benefits of Vitamin E for the skin

A question that we have received recently is: why do you use Vitamin E in your collagen gel?

After previously exploring the benefits of collagen in an earlier blog, we hope to be able to help you here as well. This blog will explore the properties of Vitamin E and explain why it should be an essential part of your skincare routine.

First and foremost, Vitamin E works to retain moisture in your skin. One of the best things about our collagen gel is how it leaves the skin feeling hydrated. Transepidermal water loss (or TWL) is a key cause of skin looking and feeling dry. One of the properties of Vitamin E is that it prevents TWL and is one reason why we chose to use it in our products.

More than skin deep

We were determined for our product to contain an anti-oxidant. We feel as though skincare products should actually be more than skin deep. Vitamin E is an extremely effective anti-oxidant. Vitamin E actually protects your skins cells and cell membranes, keeping your skin healthy and firm.

How does it make me look?

From an aesthetical perspective, Vitamin E helps to prevent signs of premature ageing. Not only does it hinder the degenerative process of DNA, it also combats inflammatory skin conditions. Inflammatory skin conditions are one of the principle causes of premature ageing, Vitamin E combats these conditions.

Vitamin E treats dark circles. From the beginning, eyewake has been working to make people look amazing despite a lack of sleep or any other stress that is going on in our customers’ lives. Vitamin E works to reduce the puffiness and dark circles around your eyes making you look vibrant and glowing.

With all this considered, it is clear to see why we decided to use Vitamin E as an integral ingredient in our unique formula collagen gel. We are proud to use the most effective anti-ageing and anti-fatigue ingredients in our products. To find out more about the ingredients we use, visit our product page here.

Special thanks to Instagram users @hfgreenwood, @taliarichman and @alelamanna for the amazing pictures used throughout this blog.

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