This is why you should drink more green tea

This is why you should drink more green tea

Welcome back to a new blog! As ever, we want to promote a healthy lifestyle to the eyewake community.

Recently, we have been looking into the health benefits of various foods. Our latest project was green tea, we are always hearing about it being the ultimate drink, but we wanted to find out why. It turns out that there are more benefits than we could have ever imagined! See below for just four:



Green tea is great for losing weight. It has been found that green tea contains many properties that help to aid weight loss. This is because the consumption of green tea can speed up your metabolism and also prevent excess fat being absorbed. It is recommended to consume one cup before breakfast for maximum impact! Be sure to consult a doctor or physician if you are unsure about consuming caffeine.



Green tea can also reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. High blood pressure and cholesterol is combated by the variety of antioxidants found in green tea. Studies have shown that heart attacks and strokes are less frequent in those who regularly consume green tea. Finally, green tea can improve insulin sensitivity and therefore reduce blood sugar levels.


Green tea can make you smarter!? OK, one mug isn’t going to mean you will necessarily be invited to MENSA. However, green tea contains caffeine (a stimulant) that can stimulate brain functioning but also L-theanine that increases the activity of neuro-transmitters and dopamine. This is not to be underestimated!


Green tea is an anti-inflammatory. This means that it calms down external stresses on your body and reduces blemishes, acne and even cellulite. Green tea can give you that healthy glow, and help you to rediscover your confidence.


Enjoy green tea as part of a balanced diet. The health benefits are clear, and are most effective when consumed alongside a well-balanced meal plan. Let us know how green tea has improved your health and lifestyle below.

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