Wake Eye Gel helped me get rid of my premature signs of ageing!

We are lucky to have received hundreds of positive reviews from our customers about how our Eye Gel has made them feel more confident. We are a brand that promotes positivity. Too many brands make people feel bad about their appearance and people buy their products to not feel guilty.

We wanted to buck that trend and spread positivity, every body is beautiful and Wake is there to enhance your appearance, especially at times when you do not feel great!

How does Wake Eye Gel work?

Our product does have an immediate effect on some skin types, but more important are the long-term effects. Consistent and regular use of our Eye Gel will improve the skin around your eyes. It will make it smoother and reduce those bags that your friends and family kindly point out!

Unfortunately, a lack of sleep is something that effects everyone at some time. Whether it is stress or lifestyle-related, it does nothing for your looks! Also, have you noticed that sleepless nights happen at the most inconvenient times? The night before an interview or an event where you know a lot of photos will be taken!

Our Eye Gel is clinically proven to reduce the fine lines and dark circles that appear around your eyes. This will make you look more awake and the skin around your eyes look smooth and supple!

Wake Eye Gel uses collagen but what does that do?

We chose to use a collagen-based gel as collagen actively combats signs of ageing. Collagen is naturally present in skin! It is one of the main reasons why young people have skin that is firm and hydrated. However as you age, the fibroblasts that produce collagen become less efficient. Therefore, the signs of aging begin to make themselves known!

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  • Just started to use the eye gel,hoping it will be as good as I hope it will. Like the ethos of the company too!

    Fiona Cam

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