What are the benefits of collagen eye gel?

The feedback that we have received for our unique formula collagen gel has been simply overwhelming. But for those who have not yet tried eyewake, we are going explain why collagen is a necessary ingredient for young and vibrant looking skin!

Firstly, it is important to note that collagen is naturally present in skin! It is one of the main reasons why young people have skin that is firm and hydrated. However as you age, the fibroblasts that produce collagen become less efficient. Therefore, the signs of aging begin to make themselves known!

So why does eyewake choose collagen as a principle ingredient?

We chose collagen because it combats signs of fatigue and aging.

By naturally smoothing, hydrating and lifting the skin it works to remove both wrinkles and dark circles.


According to our customers, results so far have been amazing.

One customer said:

“This is hands down the best eye gel I've ever used. My partner and I both love it and it lasts a really long time which is great as we are constantly reaching for it…
A huge bonus has to be the collagen and I've noticed that my eyes look very fresh and radiant now! I highly recommend this eye gel.”

Collagen is a fantastic ingredient and the foundation of eyewake’s eye gel. As a natural occurring product of the skin, we can understand it’s usefulness in preventing signs of aging. To find out more about our other ingredients please check out our product page here.

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