What being on your phone in bed does to your skin

What being on your phone in bed does to your skin

Most people are guilty of spending too much time on their phone at night when they supposed to be asleep. Who can blame you? There are an abundance of Love Island memes, photos from the weekend and pictures of dogs to keep you occupied for eternity.

It would be understandable to think that the damage caused by late night scrolling comes in the form of lost sleep. This is definitely true. The dopamine hits you can experience through social media will make you feel more alert and hinder your sleep. Everyone has experienced the regret of scrolling on your feed for five minutes and then realising that 3 hours have passed… haven’t they?

However, this is only scraping the surface. Studies have shown that the blue light emitted from your phone can actually harm your skin. This is another reason to put down your phone and pick up a book before you go to sleep!

The concentrated blue light emitting from your phone can cause both inflammation and the premature ageing of the skin. This close up exposure of blue light is made worse when there is little surrounding light, and the phone is particularly close to your face (as it is when you are in bed).

Research into this is still relatively new, but so far it does not look like being on your phone for long periods at night is beneficial. In fact, for those with more sensitive skin it is being suggested that the blue light can also cause blemishes.

Example of using Eye Gel and decreasing blue light exposure.       Example of using our Eye Gel and reducing blue light exposure.

Our products are specifically designed for those people who spend too much of their day staring at screens. Our Eye Gel contains collagen to actively combat such things as ageing blue light. But let’s face it, staring at screens cannot be avoided for most people. Computers and phones are essential for a lot of people at work.

Also, for any blemishes caused due to a non-stop lifestyle we have now formulated a moisturising Face Cream. This will help those who may be battling irregular sleeping patterns and need a little boost!

But it is important to know that our products are most effective when coupled with a healthy lifestyle. So try to put your phone to one side at night and leave it until the morning. You will sleep better and your skin will thank you in the morning.

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