Why Beauty Bloggers Around The World Are Choosing Wake Skincare

Why Beauty Bloggers Around The World Are Choosing Wake Skincare

This year Wake Skincare has been recognised as the brand of choice for beauty bloggers around the world. So we thought that we would delve into the reviews and comments related to our products, and pick out the recurring themes about why they choose Wake Skincare.

Here are three of the main reason we picked out.

Products Created By Millennials For Millennials

Bloggers recognise that the people behind Wake Skincare are people just like them. We are millennials looking to make products that would benefit our friends and colleagues. This is a good starting point as we all deal with pretty much the same skin issues.

We truly understand our audience and seek to create products that make their lives easier.

Effective Products For Modern Life

Studies are now suggesting that working at computers and clocking up the hours staring at your phone is detrimental for your skin. We had this in mind when creating our hydrating Eye Gel, which should be a permanent fixture on your desk!

We also recognise other factors such as pollution and demanding social lives that have an impact on skin. Our product development process is undertaken with these issues in mind.

Great Brand Culture

Our tagline is ‘Generation Connected’, we place ourselves in the centre of our generation and recognise that issues facing millennials are something that we need to address.

Climate change needs to be mitigated and our environment must be protected. Therefore responsibly sourcing ingredients, minimising plastic waste and domestically sourcing our products are all ways in which we reduce our carbon footprint.

We also understand that giving back is key to a well functioning society. Therefore we partnered with Women’s Aid, the UK’s leading domestic abuse charity.

We love reading your comments on the brand, please let us know if you have featured us in a blog by emailing support@wakeskincare.com

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