Why I exercise for younger looking skin


We all know that exercise is great for your general well-being. Your heart, lungs and muscles benefit from frequent exercise.

However, there is reason to believe that the benefits extend beyond your insides. Regular exercise brings many benefits for the appearance of your skin and these should not be underestimated!



Exercise keeps your blood flowing.


Exercise increases the rate at which your blood flows around your body. This means that oxygen and nutrients flow more frequently to your skin cells. This has the effect of providing your skin with the vitality needed to remain soft and supple. Increased blood flow also means that toxins and other waste is carried away from your skin cells removing unwanted blemishes.

It is also worth looking at more of an indirect way in which exercise can help your skin...


Exercise relieves stress.


Studies have shown that increased stress levels can invite all kind of problems to your skin. These include spots, pimples and acne. Therefore, the logical way to combat this is to do everything you can to reduce your stress levels.

Exercise is an amazing way to ease stress through many ways, including the release of endorphins. With reduced stress levels you should expect to see the general improvement in your skin’s condition.

But what if you don’t sweat at the end of a workout?


Work up a sweat


To get the most out of your work outs, you need to increase your heart rate and be sweating! Sweating is a fantastic way to cleanse your skin (provided you have a shower soon afterwards!).

When you sweat, your pores dilate and all the dirt and oil is expelled. This is such an effective way to cleanse your skin and hugely underestimated. 


Moving forward


Moving forward you should look forward to your next sweaty run or gym session!

Wake up early (if you’re looking tired don’t worry because eyewake is here for you), put on your gym clothes and go exercise.

Not only will you look fitter, your skin will be glowing.

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