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Meet the Founders

Anton (left) & Alex (right)

How it started

Anton and Alex met at University and it soon became clear that they wanted to start a brand that represented their values, impacted on peoples’ lives and gave back to causes that were important to them.

After working in the corporate world for a few years they noticed that colleagues, friends and family were all struggling with lacklustre skin as a side-effect of their lifestyles. Staring at screens all day, late nights & early starts and hectic social lives were all taking their toll.

After extensive research it was clear that most brands were promoting loads of ineffective products. They wanted to be different and only sell products that were very unique and clear in their aims. They have committed to creating products that are specifically designed for the side-effects of the millennial & generation Z lifestyle. Each of our products are crafted to solve various skincare issues that arise from just living the life you want to live.

After 3 years they are still overwhelmed by the incredible reviews, before & after pictures and beauty blogger testimonials. Wake's partnership with Women’s Aid also means that we can contribute to a charity that is integral to a well-functioning society.

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What do you do?

Alex and I are super hands on throughout every aspect of the business, but if I was going to define my role I would say that I am the “strategy guy”. I take care of the back-end stuff and the direction in which the brand is going.

It is really exciting to see how a brand that started in the University library has grown and even more exciting to think about how far we can go.

Favourite product? Face Mask

Why? After working all night on the website I love the thought of being able to refresh my skin the next day. I feel completely rejuvenated after using it and my skin is grateful for it!


What do you do?

My role is amazing because it is so creative and authentic. I create the voice of the brand and ensure that absolutely everything you see about Wake is an accurate representation of our ethos and values. We never want to lose that startup feel, and staying connected to our generation is integral to our brand.

I also oversee business development, and I am really careful about aligning ourselves with partners who share our values and truly believe in Wake.

Favourite product: Eye Gel

Why? Normally I love face-to-face meetings but after being restricted to online meetings for the last 12 months I need to make sure my dark circles are not emphasised by staring at my screen all day!

Our featured press:

woman holding wake eye gel

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Wake Skincare donate to Women’s Aid. Start-up brand Wake, who tackle stressed out skin, are donating proceeds to Women’s Aid.

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It’s not just for International Women’s Day that Wake Skincare donate to charity – they give a percentage of their profits to Women’s Aid all year round.

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Wake Skincare has developed a range of products specifically designed to combat the side-effects of a typical millennial lifestyle. 

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